The Joseph Joseph Chop2Pot Bamboo chopping board has a unique folding design with a silicone hinge in the centre that makes pouring chopped food into a saucepan a doddle. Crafted from bamboo, a dense wood that resists water and knife scarring, the board provides a perfect surface for chopping fruit, vegetables and meat. When food is prepped, the board can be gently folded ready to pour into pans or serving dishes in one easy step. Food safe and BPA free, the board is not suitable for use in a dishwasher. Features: Joseph Joseph Chop2Pot Bamboo – Large Crafted from bamboo Resists water and knife scarring Unique folding design with silicone hinge in the centre Fold board for easy transfer of chopped food Food safe BPA free Not suitable for dishwasher use Dimensions: H: 27cm x W: 33cm x D: 1cm