Pour over kettle from Japanese tableware and drinkware specialists, Kinto. Designed to make coffee brewing a sensory experience, the kettle is made from durable stainless steel with a matte black finish and a smooth surface. The pour over kettle features a narrow and gently curving spout that enables precise control over the pour position, volume and speed of water for pour over coffee. A functional hinged lid stays in place when pouring and allows for effortless opening and closing with one hand. The hinge is also made of material that will not conduct heat for safe use. The kettle has a large handle that is curved on the inside and flat on the outside for simple adjustment and to reduce stress on the wrist for easy pouring. The gently curving and contoured design enables smooth pouring to the very last drop and no weld lines between the base and sides allow for easy cleaning. Stainless Steel Dimensions: H: 13.5cm x W: 22.5cm x φ: 9cm . Capacity: 900ml.